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Character AsCharacter AgainstTitleDescriptionFileUploaded By
FoxSheikTop Platform UpairUse dj upair to hit top platform to prevent SDI up escapesDownloadclownssbm
FoxSheikPunish Sheik Tilts OOSDownloadquad
FoxSheikPunish Sheik Down Smash OOSDownloadquad
FoxSheikPunish Sheik Dash Attack OOSDownloadquad
FoxSamusWavedash OOS vs SamusPunish dsmash, dtilt, fsmash with wd oosDownloadclownssbm
FoxPeachdrill-sdi-reactwaveshine the correct direction to get a followupDownloadclownssbm
FoxPeachReact to Peach Float HeightsDownloadquad
FoxPeachPunish Peach Down Smash OOS Downloadquad
FoxMarthPlatform slideoff mixupReact to upair/uptilt to slideoff correctlyDownloadclownssbm
FoxMarthhit-bad-marth-ledge-ledgestallShine marth dj ledgestallDownloadclownssbm
FoxMarthShine out of Marth ChaingrabDownloadquad
FoxMarthMarth KillerDownloadquad
FoxMarthGrab or WD CC Marth Down Tilt Downloadquad
FoxIce climbersDownthrow dair escapeDI throw away and SDI dair down and away to escapeDownloadclownssbm
FoxFoxCover Low Up-B to Ledge (LEFT)Downloadquad
FoxFoxCover Low Up-B to Ledge (RIGHTDownloadquad
FoxFoxAmsah Tech After Side-BDownloadquad
FoxFalconFthrow gimp falcon15% fthrow offstage. Practice covering different options.Downloadclownssbm
FoxFalconShine misfoot falcon (L)CPU attempts to fastfall to ledgeDownloadclownssbm
FoxFalconShine misfoot falcon (R)waveshine -> dash jc shine before falcon grabs ledgeDownloadclownssbm
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